Although the smooth grooves textured with strings and pads lend a certain relaxed vibe to many of his compositions, they are too melodically structured and energetic to beclassified purely as ‘relaxation music’. In fact some of Warwick’s tunes resonate with a dark ambience whilst others reflect a cheerful optimism.
Essentially self-taught and self-proclaimed as ‘guitar obsessed’, Warwick has melded his unique style into his own blend of acoustic guitar self expression. Playing in numerous original bands in Sydney in the 90s predominately with his signature Fender Stratocaser, the accomplished musician made the move to Brisbane to further his career in the high tech studio section of the music industry. Eventually his love of paying live and the copious amounts of encouragement from fellow musicians and friends around him led Warwick to perform shows at venues on Mount Tamborine and the Gold Coast.

a0082241282_16His laid-back style as well as the fact that his music creates the perfect ambience for chilling out caused these performance opportunities to multiply at a rapid pace – his new found focus led to the recording of Warwick’s debut album ‘15 Satellites’ which celebrates his journey back to the stage.

Listen, loosen up and chill out to the tranquil tunes of Warwick Davis.